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Everyone Needs a Micophone

It's annoying that not everyone has realized they should have a microphone.
I hate listening to someone in a meeting without a mic.
Background noise.
Children yelling.
Hasn't everyone already realized it's annoying when someone else doesn't have mic?
Buy a mic!

Manager tells me to do the wrong thing

I'm noticing an annoying pattern from my manager.
There has been several instances where my manager tells me to implement something in certain way, then comes back a month later asking me about the work and complaining about it.
I never tell him that it was his decision because he isn't directly blaming me for it, but I think he probably is.
I'd like to just say "btw you decided that", but that will obviously come out poorly.
There may not be a good way to address it at all.
Luckily I have links to hip chat and github pull requests where he requests the changes if I ever need to break it out.
idk what to do.

People Who Limit Technology

I know some people who like to follow technology, or even have a degree in something like Computer Science, and yet they put limits on technolgy when thinking about the future.
They know the history of computers, processors, cell phones to smart phones, and yet they think some advancements are just impossible.
There doesn't seem to be any limitation that we don't eventually overcome.
We will have processors connected to our brains one day.
We will be able to download and then reupload our consciousness one day.
We are statistically in a simulation.
Technology is limitless.

No Stacktrace

I hate when someone reports a bug to me and they only give me one line of the stack trace which tells me nothing actually.
No full stack trace.
No operating system.
No logs.
No configuration.
No CLI args.
Wtf do you expect me to do with the little bullshit you sent me?
Send deets.

Don't interrupt my lunch

I really hate people at work who interrupt me during lunch.
I will be sitting at desk, with my lunch in front of me, watching something on YouTube, and some people will come over and start talking about work and wanting me to look at something.
How do some people have no awareness to this?
There was one person in particular, who seemed to ONLY ask me questions during lunch.
I had to stop having lunch at my desk cause it drove me crazy.
If you see food, go away

Agile In Name Only

Somehow every company I work out desperately wants to be Agile.
We do Agile training.
We hire Agile experts to train everyone.
We go over sprints, standups, sizing, backlog grooming, retrospectives.
But what happens when we start being Agile?
Sprints are rarely completed on time.
Standups turn into long meetings with people rambling, and are pointless for everyone.
No sizing on complexity. 1 pt == 1 day. Even though it's constantly harped that it shouldn't be based on time.
Backlog grooming becomes less frequent.
Retrospectives occur to discuss problems, but there's never an actionable item or follow up.
Retrospectives stop.
Then eventually: Management starts planning "sprints" and features months out.
But we have standups up every day so we're agile.

What have you tried?

One thing that really pisses me off at work is when someone messages me about some error and they clearly haven't tried to debug the issue themselves.
I had someone message me about an issue due to a syntax error in their code, that they made!
The line number containing the error was right there in the trace!
They clearly didn't even look at the error, they just messaged me immediately.
Waste of my damn time man.
I should have hit em with a "What have you already tried?"

Reddit == Facebook

I wonder if there is a point in time when we can point to reddit becoming facebook.
Many default subreddits (funny, pics) look like facebook feeds.
Stupid pictures of people's kids (no one cares, it's not funny or cute) and other uninteresting junk.
Can I filter all accounts created after 2015?
We need a replacement, but it stops accepting new accounts once it reaches the number of users that reddit had in 2015.

Let's give everyone a couple more minutes

I noticed that at the start of every video meeting, the host always says "Let's wait a few more minutes for more people."
Every host always says some form of that sentence.
Don't we all know by now that we will start like 2 minutes after the start time?
Don't say anything for 2 minutes.
Don't be a sheep!

TDD Actually Works

I love when someone complains about TDD.
Cause then I know they're stupid.
With TDD, you write a test, then write the logic to make the test pass, then you know your feature/change works.
If you're unable to write the test first, you are starting to code before you have even thought about what you're trying to achieve and how.
Think before you type.

The Future of Programming Languages

There are many upcoming programming languages in their pre 1.0 phase, and some "newish" languages that have gained some real traction.
Which languages will survive? I'll tell you.

  • zig: Replaces C. When speed is the absolute priority.
  • rust: Replaces most of C and C++. Fast, but we don't have to manage memory which means we no longer have constant, terrible security vulnerabilties due to memory handling.
  • nim: The new general purpose language that will take over the majority of projects due to it being simple, like Python, but having static typing and self contained, compiled executables.
  • python: It should die and be replaced by nim, but Python is still the easiest to get started with and has critical mass.
  • go: It should die and be replaced by nim, but Go has reached critical mass and is backed by Google, so it's not going anywhere.

People who lie on their resume

I find it so odd when people lie on their resumes or try to apply for a job they are clearly unqualified for.
I wonder how often these people actually get hired.
The crazy things I've seen

  • Unable to print "hello world" in a language listed on their resume
  • Unable to define basic terminology in their field
  • Copy pasting definitions verbatim from websites
  • Obviously getting answers from someone else in the room

Stop lying.

We know, everyone misses RSS

There are way too many blog posts about missing RSS and wanting it to make a comeback.
Always followed by complaints about walled gardens like Twitter and Facebook.
Why does everyone feel the need to post about how much they miss RSS?
It's dead. Move on.

r/Python is Beginner Spam

The r/python subreddit has fallen so hard, so fast.
Every post is

  • beginner help
  • beginner tutorial
  • which ide to use?
  • how to make a gui?
  • low effort blog spam
  • some visualization

shut. it. down.

contagious phrases?

I wonder if phrases and words can become contagious?
I noticed "whilst", then "moreover", seemed to be frequently used in online comment sections.
Now I'm noticing sentences starting with "Imagine...", like "Imagine being this dumb..." or "Imagine being so rich...".
Someone needs to collect all reddit comments then chart the usage of these words and phrases over time.
Imagine not noticing this blatant...oops.

wow websites are bloated with js!

Gettin real tired of people somehow discovering how light and fast websites are when made with just HTML and CSS, and not a bunch of JS and frameworks.
How has everyone not realized this?
Is there just a new generation of programmers who grew up with heavy JS frameworks and never realized they can make a light website?
Welcome to "since forever"

hurr durr electron slow

How about everyone just stop complaining about electron being slow and bloated?
Every other hacker news link is a blog post about electron being slow. Electron is clearly winning developers due to it being easy to release cross platform applications.
No one wants to learn specific APIs and programming languages for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile OSes.
Qt is the clostest for cross platform while still being minimal, but still isn't good enough.